A question that we are often asked for Walt Disney World is, “Should we stay at a Disney World hotel or off site?


The answer is a resounding ” Walt Disney World Resort Hotel” 99% of the time! At the end of the day Disney is about telling a story, painting a picture, and creating a complete experience, right? Well, the resorts on property certainly aren’t an exception. Each has been carefully crafted and immerses you in a story – and we LOVE that. Plus, staying on property comes with perks that hotels off site just don’t have. Added value! 


What are those perks?

  • Early Park Entry

Walt Disney World Hotel Guests gain access to the theme parks 30 minutes early each morning! Now that may not sound like much to you if this will be your first trip, but trust me, it’s HUGE! Do you ever wonder how those lucky park goers get ‘peopleless’ castle photos? Early Park Access!

*When You Wish Travel Pro Tip* 

Arrive to the parks 30-45 minutes prior to the day’s early theme park entry time to clear security and get the best spot for rope drop!

  • Guests staying in WDW Deluxe Resorts get to stay in the parks late

Not an early riser? Deluxe Resort Guests get late night access to Epcot on Mondays and Magic Kingdom on Wednesdays! You can expect wait times to be very low and crowds to be minimal.

Days are subject to change. Check the park hours calendar for a complete list of days for this offer.

  • Disney Parks Transportation

Covering nearly 40 square miles, Walt Disney World Resort is about the size of San Francisco or two Manhattan islands. It houses 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, 25+ resorts, 3 championship golf courses, 2 mini-golf courses, a sports facility, AND a shopping and entertainment district.


Disney provides complimentary transportation to all of it.


The transportation system is as large and complex as that of a mid-sized city – but in my experience much more efficient. 

  • midday breaks are much easier

Does your family need a midday break from the parks for a nap? Getting back to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel is much easier and faster thanks to Disney transportation!

  • dining for your entire stay is booked at one time instead of day by day

Guests staying at a WDW Resort hotel are able to book their dining reservations for their entire stay at 60 days prior to arrival. If you choose to stay off property, you will have to book your dining reservations day by day and chances are, those hard-to-get dining reservations will be long gone by the time your booking window opens.

  • earlier access to lightning lanes

Guests staying at a WDW Resort hotel are able to book their Individual Lightning Lane and first Genie+ attraction (formerly Fastpass+) reservations at 7am on their park day. If you choose to stay off property, you will have to book your Lightning Lane reservations when you enter the park and chances are, the popular rides will be long gone by the time you make it to the park.

While the perks to staying on property have changed over the last 3 years, I still recommend staying on property when possible. The prices of Walt Disney World tickets are at an all time high and if you are going to be spending that much on a vacation, don’t cheat yourself on the full experience!

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