Your trip is booked, your bags are packed, and you’re eager to visit Mickey Mouse! Have you thought about the items you might need while inside the park?! Your resort is going to be a good distance away from you each day so you want to be prepared. Can you imagine your phone dying midday or getting an intense sunburn on Day 1?! I wouldn’t survive.
 Planning Disney and Universal trips (and being prepared for what comes at me) is one of my favorite things to do! I KNOW this list will be helpful for you as well.


First things first, you need a good backpack or purse to carry your stuff in! 

When traveling solo or with friends, I opt for a smaller sized pack like a mini Loungefly or fanny pack. When traveling with my family, I obviously need more space so I will bring a bigger one. I am Loungefly obsessed and this bad boy is on my wishlist!



Here is what I pack in my Disney park bag every single day! 
1. A Portable Phone Charger
One of the most important things to me is being able to document my trips with my family. The last thing I want is my phone to die, and I miss out on capturing all those magical moments. The My Disney Experience App on your phone is also crucial in ordering food, checking attraction wait times, and booking Lightning Lane return times so you can’t let your phone die. I always pack this FuelRod because this company has many swapping stations around the park where you can swap it out for a fully charged one for free!
Tip: I’ve also seen this swap stations in my local zoo, airports, other theme parks, museums, etc so it’s a win-win! (I do believe the swaps are only free at Disney).
2. Rain Poncho
Last I checked, it rains nearly every day in Central Florida so I always pack a rain poncho. The time of year determines what type of poncho I will bring. For Hurricane season, I grab my reusable, packable poncho (FOUND HERE) that is more durable because I might need it a few times throughout the trip. Going during off season, I just pack 1-2 disposable ones I pick up from the Dollar Tree. 
3. My Own Personal Emergency Kit
Ok, maybe this one is a little extreme in terms of preparedness but I have had foot blisters more times than I can count and the last thing I’ve wanted to do is wobble to a first aid location on the other side of the park. My homemade emergency kit includes: SPF Chapstick, small tube of sunscreen, individually wrapped ibuprofen packs, a few Band-Aids, a couple extra hair ties, and Tums. I pick up all of this from the Dollar Tree.
4. Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizing Wipes
This one is simple. I touch a lot of surfaces and I eat a lot of snacks! Can’t be too safe!
5. A Handheld Fan
When I say I would not survive a day at Disney or Universal without a hand fan, I mean that with every ounce of my being! Me and Mickey Mouse are best friends but me and Heat don’t get along. If I want to enjoy my day at a theme park, I HAVE TO stay cool using a handheld fan. Lifesaver!! Just trust me! The cheapest I’ve ever found them has been on Amazon. I have tried a few different brands and sizes. THIS ONE has by far been my tried and true since 2020.
6. Refillable Water Bottles
If I have space, I will throw in a refillable water bottle. I don’t get extra fancy here. A simple Aquafina bottle is all I need to fill up at refill stations throughout the day. A bottle of water is about $4-$5 at the parks so I like the option to refill my own for free! If you want to opt for an insulated one to stay cool, you totally can. I just like to be able to ditch the Aquafina bottle if I run out of space in my bag.
7. A Light Snack 
Outside food is allowed in the parks so I am always sure to grab a granola bar or two to bring with me! 
Some notable mentions of things I pack ON me but not IN my bag include sunglasses, my MagicBand, and a cute pair of Minnie Ears!
That’s everything I pack in my park bag for my solo trips! Be on the lookout soon for my list on packing your park bag with kids!

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